Fuzebox: A Hot New Webconferencing Tool


In the last post, I talked about the simplicity of using Google Hangouts for hosting your online class.  While Google Hangouts remains one of our favorite platforms for up to 15 attendees (for those institutions with a “Google Apps” account), we at UTS have been searching for a reliable, user-friendly web conferencing tool for those courses that have more than 15 students.   Introducing Fuzebox.

Fuzebox allows sychronous meetings to take place on any device (including apps for tablets, Android & iPhone), any operating system, from anywhere in the world.  All the screens are synced so participants see the exact same thing.  Faculty will have the ability to upload and share documents, graphics, videos, presentations, and audio files as well as a host of other tools such as zoom and a laser-pointer.  (Read more in this VentureBeat.com article.)  It automatically adapts to a variety of bandwidths and the graphics are crystal clear.  But best of all, this is the most user-friendly application we have seen (yes, for both presenter AND attendee) and with just a little effort you will have your synchronous class or meeting up and running.

Scheduling a meeting, joining a meeting in progress, or setting up a meeting on the fly is a breeze.  Uploading content such as photos or documents can be done in advance or in real time, and the process of sharing with your attendees is simple.  But what our review team loved was the crisp graphic interface- the clarity and detail was about the best of any web-conferencing platform we had tried.  The opportunities Fuzebox provides are extensive, which is probably why it has attracted such clients as Apple, CBS Interactive, Disney, NASA, and countless universities and health organizations(Grant, 2012).

An idea you might consider is video office hours or conferences.  Many instructors are offering “virtual” office hours prior to an assignment due date.  These office hours can be set periodically to correlate with assignments or standard weekly hours.  Also, video conference hours can be set for individual students.

Contact me to learn how to use Fuzebox with your UTS class.  You may also click on this tutorial page by Fuzebox  and select the device you will be using for an overview of the product.

Fuzebox Apps


Grant, R. (2012, July 12). Fuzebox raises $20m to move online video conferencing into the next dimension. Retrieved from http://venturebeat.com/2012/07/12/fuzebox-raises-20m-to-move-online-video-conferencing-into-the-next-dimension/


One thought on “Fuzebox: A Hot New Webconferencing Tool

  1. Wonderful article. In addition to fuzebox, one can even use various other web conferencing tools such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting, RHUB appliances etc. in order to conduct web conferencing, webinars, online meetings, online presentations etc.

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