Collaborate! Creating Connections Through Your LMS

wsuner conference logo

This weekend I had the opportunity to co-present a seminar at the WSUNER conference (Wright State University Network for Educational Renewal)with Kenny Moore, Coordinator of Educational Technology at Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local Schools.   WSUNER represents a partnership between WSU and several local school distrticts (K-12).  Over the last two decades, these partnerships have evolved into an effective collaboration benefitting both WSU teacher candidates but also the students of the partner districts.

Conference attendees were a blend of  both higher ed and K-12 instructors.  Kenny and I represent both, and have found many commonalities in our use of technology and issues we each face as educators. Our presentation was titled “Collaborate!  Connecting K-12 Classrooms with Home and the Community through a Learning Management System”.  Our seminar focused on use of discussion forums, engaging with guest speakers through web conferencing, the flipped classroom, creating a collaborative environment where students can learn from each other, keeping parents informed with assignments and study resources, and more .  Since our students at United are highly engaged in philosophical discussions, I was able to share with them the resources we use for online discussions, web conferencing, and communicating outside the classroom.

Conferences such as WSUNER allow educators of all levels to come together and share what is working and offer support for each other in the ever-changing field of educational technology.  How you are using your learning management system to inspire learning?  Share your thoughts!

Daina Levine and Kenny Moore at WSUNER

Daina & Kenny Moore

WSUNER seminar outline:

Collaboration and Extension of the School Day Using a Learning Management System (1)


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